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Mobile apps for business marketing

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How mobile Apps boost your business?

Based on the fact that today’s consumers spent a considerable amount of time on smartphones, it is a necessity for the marketers to make their precious presence in digital market. Building a mere static mobile apps for business will not help to serve the purpose. Rather a vibrant mobile app which is powerful enough to convert visitors of the app to not only to customers but also to promoters of your brand or store is very important. Brand such as McDonald’s, Hyper Panda, Zomato, and many others have successfully used mobile apps for business to help build loyalty, drive sales and improve the overall brand performance. Simply having an app does not equip a brand to operate in the new digital world; the app has to support the company’s overall goals while enhancing its brand identity, and it must be accompanied by a strong product and marketing strategy.

Mobile apps for business marketing : Techniques to follow

Make Something Unique

To gain the attention of the users among empty number of freely available apps, provide some value to the app.  It’s hard enough for even great apps to get noticed, but even more difficult for less-than-great apps. So brands must start by building something great to the users.

Make Attractive First Time user Experience

One out of every four apps downloaded are abandoned after the initial use, signifying how important it is to put your best foot forward right away and give users a reason to continue using your app.

Make use of Push Notification

Push notification or in app messaging allow developers to communicate with their users in a variety of ways — everything from offering tips and tricks on how to use the app more effectively to promoting special offers. For instance, a game app might push a message to a user who has just run out of currency asking if they’d like to earn more points by watching video ads. Brands might try using in-app messaging to highlight certain features, announce special promotions, or notify a consumer when she is close by to a physical storefront. The key is to keep it targeted, relevant and helpful.

Update app content frequently

Brands should take note and make sure to update their own apps with fresh new content and features as regularly as possible, so that the users should be experiencing something new  all the time.

Leverage Enthusiasm to drive engagement of the users

By incorporating game mechanics such as achievements, rewards, quests, bonuses, collecting, progression, competition, and more into their apps, brands can give their customers a fun experience that also motivates them to come back and continue to engage day after day.

Segment users to deliver targeted, customized experiences

By segmenting users based on criteria ranging from location, age group to device type and their in-app behaviors, app should be able to deliver custom messages, rewards, offers, or experiences that match those users’ interests and needs. Brands must learn to do the same if they are to get close to the promise of one-to-one marketing

Permit users to customize their experience

One of the best ways to get users to keep using an app is to creatively walk away. Game developers often allow players to personalize their experience by setting up profiles and avatars or by customizing weapons and tools to their liking. Brands should take note from these game developers and figure out ways to allow users to customize the experience.

Measure, analyze, and optimize

An entire industry has sprung up around app analytics, geared to help developers understand how their users are behaving within their apps. These tools allow you to optimize KPIs by conducting A/B tests, splitting users up into cohort groups, targeting user segments more effectively, and so on. Brands must learn to not only track their user behaviors but understand which changes have the biggest impact on their key metrics, and optimize their apps accordingly. There is no specific formula for operating to boost your brand but studying what must work best for their own mobile apps and optimize those efforts accordingly. But follow the above points, which have been proven time and again to work by some of the most sophisticated mobile app developers, and the results should begin to point up and to the right.

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