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Whatsapp Marketing

Communicate with your customer in a new way using whatsapp marketing
Use whatsapp for marketing
Whatsapp messenger is the most popular instant messaging app with more than 700 million active users worldwide.Whatsapp is being said to be the most frequently used app than any other active social media.So if you are planning to introduce or promote your new product/service directly to your customer ,whatsapp marketing is one of the best.

Features of  WhatsApp

The following features of whatsapp well explains why it’s perfect for business marketing. Unlimited text messaging without any restrictions. Instant messaging with delivery confirmation. Image,video,audio,vCards and even location can be send. Its cheaper as it uses only the internet plan. Its available on every mobile platform. Using whatsapp marketing you will be able to reach your customers directly.You can send your seasonal promotional messages,new store openings,send vouchers,store locations,visiting card and even videos.

How to do whatsapp marketing

Share your whatsapp contact details on your website at the visible corner of your website as well as other social media platforms.Ask your customers to add your number to their contacts.Conduct contests to collect mobile numbers and ask to message on your whatsapp to enter.In this way you will get the right customers who have interest in your product.After that you can create groups of similar customers and share your messages.

WhatsApp grouping

Although whatsapp marketing were not much widely spread,few digital marketing agencies were conducting experiments to market using whatsapp which was a big success.They used whatsapp grouping for the interested customers.This has some limits since the customers have no use being in a group of unknown people.This demerit was overcome by the introduction of Broadcasting feature.Whatsapp broadcast have opened a new way for business enterprises to interact with their customers.

Whatsapp Broadcasting Feature

Whatsapp have introduced broadcasting feature in early 2014 .Yet most of us are unaware of this feature.Whatsapp broadcasting have many more features for personal as well as business use.If you want to send bulk messages to many people at once, broadcasting is the best way,provided your number should be saved in recipients mobile device.This is to avoid spam.It has an added feature that the recipients won’t get to know each other.Recipients can send reply individually.That means it works like a blind copy(bcc)in emails.So we can use this feature for marketing. You can ask the interested customers to add your number to their contact list.You can promote your mobile number through different online and publishing channels.Create broadcast lists of the subscribers.Using broadcast feature subscriber wont have to get interacted  with the unknown other members unlike those in whatsapp grouping.You can ask subscribers to send the word “JOIN” to your business mobile number to start receiving messages.Users could also unsubscribe by sending “STOP” at any point,same like a standard SMS campaign.
How to use Whatsapp Broadcasting Feature
  • Open whatsapp
  • Select chats option from menu
  • Hit the action button on top right of the screen
  • Select new broadcast list
  • Add recipients
  • Hit create

You can edit your list to add or remove people at any time. To do this enter the broadcast list,you will see “tap here for broadcast list information”.Once you tap it,you will see the recipient list.Select the number you want to remove.Select “add recipient” to add a request.

Few points to keep in mind

1.Put an eye-catching image as your profile picture.Eg:either your company logo,your latest product or any promotional offers.
2.Keep updating your status with some creative and short messages that would increase curiosity among customers and draw their attention.
3.Respond quickly to the queries.

What should not be done

1.Dont send messages to all the mobile numbers you get in your hands.If you send irrelevant messages remember you would end up being blocked.
2.Its not necessary that you send messages every day.Make sure you send quality messages so that customer wont feel irritated.
3.Make your videos short.Your customer may be busy and wont have much time to watch the long videos.Download might also be time consuming.So chances are there that your video remain unnoticed.Always remember short videos are most likely to be viewed.

What We do

Whatsapp marketing messages can be automated using  Product Information Management PIM Server,a solution to integrate all the digital marketing tools-developed by Wariyum Technologies.    


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