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Internet Trends In UAE

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Internet Trends In UAE
  Perhaps, 91.9% of total population in UAE are active internet users. Means, From the total population of  9,584,765 their 8,815,420 people uses the internet. UAE contributes 0.2 % to the share of world internet users.

Online Shopping

untitled The above diagram is showing the infographic representation on online shopping trends in UAE. Though the image says 68% of men selected online shopping while only 32% of female users. The major trend is cross-border online shopping, with almost two-thirds of all online shoppers purchasing directly from foreign outlets, led by Amazon, eBay and, regionally, Souq.com, the Arab world’s largest e-commerce website.

Social Media

88% of the Middle East online population uses social networking sites daily. English and Arabic are the most commonly used languages on social media platforms used by 48% and 45% of social media users. It clearly reveals that Middle East population is becoming more active on social platforms whether it is for personal use or for business purpose. For personal use, social media helps to share information, interests and staying in contact with far off friends and family. It connects people crossing the global boundaries. For business purpose, social media channels help start-ups and established brands in building repute, brand loyalty, tackling customers’ concerns, and beating the competition. An influential website design, having social media links help users in sharing the business with their contacts. Products get recommendations from social channels and stats reveal that buying decisions are mostly influenced by different social platforms. In the Middle East, Facebook users are 94%, Twitter 52%, Google+ 46%, Instagram 14%, and LinkedIn 6%, so result-oriented social media engagement is as important for a business here as professional website design or web development services are.


  The Internet has increased  its range of usability and scope for its users to explore the world in a single click. Today, social media has been created a major trend in the world  to stay updated with the current affairs with a blink.From the study, it’s clear that the social media trends in UAE have got a wide acceptance even below the age of 16. It is estimated that this will be increased thrice at the end of 2019. *Estimate for July 1, 2016.                

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