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Digital Signage for Clinics and Hospitals

Digital Signage for Clinics and Hospitals
“Make a presentation on Clinic, facilities and services for your waiting Patients”

No matter what type of healthcare facility you go to chances are you are going to have to wait and sometimes that waiting time can be minutes and sometimes it can mean an hour, either way, flipping through old, worn-out, and germ-infested magazines or books gets old real quick.

Healthcare facilities can take advantage of this time and alleviate the frustrating waiting time issue by putting digital signage displays in waiting areas that not only make the wait more enjoyable and worthy but also to distribute important information.

These screens usually provide engaging news, relevant health and wellness information, and any updates or information about the healthcare facility or policies. In specialized or bigger facilities the information can even be more specialized to become more pertinent to the viewing audience.

Benefits of Signage Presentation: Showcase your services and products to your Customers in the Clinic or Hospital, in a pleasing and sensible way to Customers who are visiting your clinic

What to Showcase on Clinical or Hospital Signage

History of Clinic – Helps to improve Brand awareness
      1. Who Founded it? Why?
      2. Vision and Mission
      3. Achievements and Certifications
      4. others
Doctors and their Specialization – Services provided by Clinic
      1. Doctor details, timings and specialities
      2. Visiting Doctors, A Great Gynaecologist visit our Clinic Biweekly on every alternate Wednesday 4:00PM to 7:00PM
      3. Other services like Physiotherapy

You can easily update a signage screen. Though in the case of a change in timing or unavailability of doctors. You can update through signage in the meantime.

Health Tips – General useful Tips for patients
      1. Drink lot of Water
      2. Don’t miss breakfast
      3. First aid tips

A well-designed and functional waiting room can be a tremendous asset to your practice, reducing patient anxiety and enhancing patient perceptions about quality of care. Medical tips will be informative and a stress reducer to your patients.

This Digital Signage may help patients and family members learn about techniques and recovery skills through the images and videos that are aimed at specific times each day.

Make aware of Service and Products to your Patients in a pleasing way

With a display network, it is a lot easier to inform them about the services offered in your organization, in particular when you can match the message to the location.

Digital Signage is a clear feature of marketing, digital signage for marketing helps to inform specifically about your services which would most likely be of use to your patients to inform about benefits.

On the other hand Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations can also be promoted by either targeting a specific audience group or carrying a general tone.

Digital signage has the ability to be controlled from one central location, but span across multiple buildings and locations. This versatility gives you the flexibility to offer a consistent message to your entire audience or vary certain aspects of the communication based on location.

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Digital Signage
Steps to Setup Signage
To setup a Digital signage for your Business you need the following things
      1. Access to Wariyum Signage Software
      2. Television with HDMI port
      3. Android TV box
If you have all these you are ready to setup the stunning signage for your business
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