Wariyum Technologies



Product Catalog

We will assist you to present your Product/Service Catalogue to your leads digitally. Easily Searchable content in Mobile and Website will make your catalog more accessible & convenient for the users.



You could update with your customers with ongoing promotions or sales, either there your Mobile/Website or through various digital communication channels like SMS, E-Mail or on Social Media like, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, from one platform


Search Engine booster

Modern world search for Products and Services, and they buy products from store or online, Google who serves 85% of searches, We will help you, to integrate with Google and Bing integration to the best.


Get Ready to host your E- Commerce Portal

Our platform help you to sell your products/service online and we do integrate with different Payment gateway service providers in the market. You will be provided all the essentials reports from the portal including the searches of your users on location as well product basis.


Customer Engagement

A feedback system with Survey, or a Customer engagement to give them a free voucher on your services by answering a Survey

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