Wariyum Technologies

Free Software are good and easy to start your e-commerce business, You can contact relatively new fresh graduates to it up very easily with in a couple of hrs and out of hundreds of available Free e-commerce vendor you can start your business.

As a Consumer of the project with mostly more restricted LGPL license to more liberal GNU license, As a business you are unknowingly taking a huge risk to yourself and your business. Logics and other functionalities are black box to everyone in your Business, like how they save data? does it sent data to any third party black community and other aspects of application like Zero day vulnerabilities. And overall no one gurantees you Resilent and Fault tolerant system.

You may face legal procedures, loss of your business reputation, Your business process is defined by an external software, where you have no control over the vendor and project

Cloud Native development – We relay on AWS Cloud Service, which guarantees you latest technologies in the market, including AI/ML, IoT and Automation at its best, And we are people who strive continuous to keep update with latest practices in AWS Cloud.

Security – we follow Security First Principles, Security for Application, Data Transfer, Storage and Archiving with latest best practices available, we adhere to all regulatory body Data Polices, in case any of your Supplier or Customer need any Data Auditing company, we are ready to help you.

If you have your a good IT Development and Support team, you can think about it, If you don’t have any experience and knowledge of IT development and operational support, It is a bit complicated than you think, NearME E-commerce is not a just Website hosted on Shared Webserver, it is a bit complicated 6-8 latest technologies used in background with 4-5 years continuous development, which is not easy to manage, We would suggest if your monthly bill running about 5000 USD, then you should start thinking about it. Let us speak about it then and there.

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