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NEARME - Build an online e-commerce store

Future Ready E-Commerce

DIgital transformation is going on every industry, Every store with a physical location is gradually converting to have a digital presence along with physical store to increase business, With Nearme you can set your digital presence of your store on your own brand


Muti Channel For Business

Nearme offering multiple channels to get sales for it’s customers

  • Mobile PWA
  • Web PWA
  • Mobile Native IOS
  • Mobile Native Android

Low Initial Investment

We are offering the major solutions for our customers at low investments, and with that our customers can ablee to generate more leads to their business


Better IT Infrastructure

With the latest solutions and services we are on step ahead in the market to provide best solutions for our customers, also we are having experienced professionals as our backbone

Easy to Train Employees

Nearme having simple logics on managing the account, It’s easy to understand even to a no tech persons. there will be no difficulty in managing the system for the employees


Configurable Workflows For your Business

Unique businesses having its workflows, with Nearme we can configure workflows based on the business

Own Code Base

We are not developing on a Open Source Project, 100% logic and code is developed by Wariyum Team,


Other Features


Easy Registration


Featured Product


Advance search


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