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Nearme is completely customizable to let you keep up with the ever-changing dynamics. With Nearme, we will deliver the product that will change the way of your business.



Presenting the custom notification option on Nearme  that will help to increase the sales. it will work as a push notification that messages can be able to generate from dashboard.

Search Engine Friendly

Nearme is with key SEO-focused implementation already in place, Nearme software puts you on a better footing to make your website completely optimized for search engines.


Mobile Friendly

Carefully designed responsive layout of Nearme code will enable you to provide your customers a seamless experience across all desktop & mobile devices with just one website.

E-Commerce Ready

Our platform help you to sell your products/service online and we do integrate with different Payment gateway service providers in the market. You will be provided all the essentials reports from the portal including the searches of your users on location as well product basis.

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