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Featured Product

Nearme is completely customizable to let you keep up with the ever-changing dynamics. Featuring a product will help to get more sale for that particular one.


Easy Registration

Nearme offering a trouble free registration steps for our valuable customers. Most of the users do not like the long and complicated sign-up process, Here we are offering quick registration

Indelible User Experience

Customers is the main focus of our app so we make every customers to feel satisfied and delighted having a great experience inside the app with simple navigation, clutter-free checkout funnel and an amazing usability define the incredible user experience.


Advanced Search Option

Ecommerce apps have thousands of products listed across hundreds of categories. To make it fast and easier for customers to discover their favorite items, the app must offer advanced search options along with precise filters.

Social Media Login

Options should be given to the users for retrieving their passwords or usernames and for reminding the users about the social network platform they used for setting up the app.


Repeat Order Facility

Customer can make reorder the items that has been previously purchased

Customer Management

Depending on the type of app there will to so many kind of customers like Loyal and spam. We have an option to identify those customers and categorize them


Bulk Update

Making changes in multiple product is little difficult, We made it easu through bulk update. Easiness in updating product details on a single click

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