Questions & Asked

We are able to set you up with running the Navigator(dashboard) ASAP when you are okey with the SOW

We are providing import option to add data in bulk, you can add datas to an excel template provided by us and just import that data

We are using aws cloud platform, and following their standards to secure the data. Hence we don’t need to worry about the security of your data AWS will manage it.

We will provide you with a navigator for managing your business, and mover for delivery management. We have three type of storefront Mobile PWA, Android and IOS for your customers


you can get it from playstore and iOS app store

We are providing you with an adiminstration panel called navigator with username and password from which you can access the app

Yes there will be extra charge for additional features

Yes there will be extra charge for additional features

Push notification,SMS, emails and through banners you can communicate with customers

Data can be import/export manually using our navigator or we will help you with POS integration if your system provides with API